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My gear lists for long hikes

Curious about the things I bring on my long (thru-)hikes? In this article, I’m sharing my gear lists for hikes such as the Pacific Crest Trail, the Dutch Mountain Trail and the Fishermen’s Trail.

Of course, every trip requires its own gear list and adjustments to the things you bring, so never just copy a gear list without considering every item on it. I do encourage you to check out as many gear lists as possible and use them for inspiration, though! It’s great fun as well. Try to find gear lists of people that are like you in age, sex and build, as this can greatly affect the things you bring. Women usually have gear lists that can differ from men’s gear lists in several aspects, for example.

Also, don’t forget to take the season into account. I hiked the Dutch Mountain Trail in early Spring, which means I took some colder weather gear that you most likely won’t need if you’re going at the height of summer.

Lighterpack is a useful website to make gear lists that you can use again and again.

More info on the gear I like to use? Read this article about going ultralight, this one about how to avoid blisters and more!

Still left with questions? Ask them in the comments below.

Have fun hiking!

Pacific Crest Trail:

Desert section:

Sierra Nevada:

Fishermen’s Trail (camping):

Dutch Mountain Trail (camping)

Disclaimer: my pack lists, especially those for the PCT, were partly made before departure and partly adjusted after the trip. Items that I have replaced or bought during the trip weren’t always weighed, and there are most likely items that I have forgotten to add or that I left behind during the hike. In addition, there will always be things that weigh down your pack, but that don’t get included in your base weight, such as patches, carabiners, etc.

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