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The Fjällraven Classic, a great way to start hiking

What’s the Fjällraven Classic?

The Fjällraven Classic is a multi-day hiking event that takes place annually in Sweden. The event is organized by the Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven and attracts thousands of participants from all over the world.

The trek starts in the town of Nikkaluokta in the north of Sweden and ends after approximately 110 kilometers (68 miles) of hiking in Abisko, which is further north and also the starting or ending point for people who complete the entire Kungsleden trail. The route runs through the beautiful and rugged landscape of the Swedish mountains, with participants challenged by hills, rivers, and swamps.

The Fjällraven Classic is not a competition, but rather a challenge to conquer nature and oneself. Participants must carry everything they need for the trek in a backpack, including food, water, and a tent. There are checkpoints along the route where participants can replenish their supplies and receive medical assistance if needed.

The event is held every year in August and is very popular among hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Fjällraven Classic offers participants the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature of Sweden and test their skills and endurance during a unique and challenging hiking experience.

Fjällraven Classic 2019 was just the beginning

I did this hike in 2019, it was my first introduction to hiking longer distances where you have to be self-sufficient. Before signing up for this, I found it quite daunting, but with the support of the organization, everything runs smoothly and it is very accessible to undertake such an adventure. This gave me more self-confidence to undertake more of these expeditions.

In 2021, I returned to the Kungsleden for a second hike. During the Fjällraven Classic, the only thing I regretted about the trip was the large number of people everywhere. That was to be expected, and also quite enjoyable in its own way, but the landscape in Lapland seems made to be experienced in silence. The vastness and wild nature are best enjoyed when you can set up your tent in an empty landscape in the evening and experience the silence during the day.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to return to this area when I went back to Sweden in 2021. The night train from Stockholm takes you to Kiruna, and from there you can continue by train to Abisko. Some of the trains even go all the way to Abisko. You get off the train in the afternoon and come nighttime, you’re in your tent on the Kungsleden.

Other Fjällraven events

Fjällraven has since also started doing Fjällraven hiking events in other countries such as Denmark, Germany, Korea, the UK and the US, so look which one takes your fancy and just give it a go! Want to know more about my second trip to this area? Read about it here.

Tickets to the Fjällraven Classic go on sale every year on this website: at the end of April. Sign up for their newsletter to make sure you get notified of the release date, as tickets sell out fast! The event itself usually takes place in the second week of August.

Do you have other questions about the Fjällraven Classic? Let me know in the comments below!